Mount Vernon, Washington

Sound + Hearing Campaign

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The Lincoln Theatre is embarking on the Sound + Hearing Campaign, a $150,000 upgrade to the sound system of our beloved historic theatre. The Lincoln is becoming a key stop for national and international performers and sound technology has changed dramatically over the last decade. The Lincoln’s current sound and hearing system neither meets the standards of our visiting performers nor the needs of the local community.

  • Professional performers who play at venues around the world include detailed sound requirements in their contracts.
  • Local community performers in theatrical productions, choirs and bands also require upgraded and integrated equipment.
  • Patrons’ hearing devices now have T-coil systems built into them. A T-coil loop system will allow clear sound to be delivered directly from the sound system, for both film and live performances, to the hearing devices. For those without hearing devices a wireless receiver unit will be available to borrow

We ask you, as a supporter of the Lincoln Theatre, to join in helping to raise $150,000 for the Sound + Hearing Campaign.  Your donation will:

  • Enrich overall sound quality in every seat for audiences at live dramatic and musical performances
  • Upgrade equipment to meet the latest professional technical standards in sound reinforcement for performers
  • Improve line of sight and free up stage area by flying speakers from the ceiling
  • Provide the best possible sound for the hearing impaired
  • Reduce the need to rent additional sound equipment to meet artist requirements

For a PDF of our campaign brochure click here!
The brochure describes the Sound + Hearing Campaign in more detail and we invite you to consider an end of year gift to bring sound to life at the Lincoln Theatre.
For a complete list of equipment quote click here!