Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar: Jo Jones

After a successful career in California Real Estate Jo settled in Mount Vernon, Washington, to be near family and to devote full time to her life-long passion for photography. 

Jo gets her inspiration from many things, but mostly from the beautiful environment here in the Pacific Northwest. From the breathtaking landscapes, the ocean and lakes, the North Cascades’ majestic mountain peaks, and to the tiniest detail of a flower, Jo wants to photograph it all.  Recently, she has enjoyed antiquing and putting together related items to create Still Life images.  She likes that they tell a story or have a theme.  They along with other images from her collection are part of her exhibition at the Lincoln Theatre Art Bar during the month of April 2019 and she hopes you enjoy them.

To learn more about Jo Jones and her photography visit her website at where she has many galleries of images to view. 

For questions or comments, you can also contact Jo at