Mount Vernon, Washington

Mariachi y Bailadores!

Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 2:00pm
Net proceeds from this event will be divided between the Lincoln and performers.
Advance Festival Seating Tickets: $20 adults, $15 seniors & students, and $10 for children 12 and under. $5.00 Student/Child rush tickets available day-of-show!

Mariachi Huenachi

$5.00 Student/Child rush tickets available day-of-show!

Mariachi Huenachi is a nationally award-winning high school band from Wenatchee that has played at Seattle Seahawks and Mariners games and shared the stage with the Grammy Award-winning Los Tigros del Norte. The group performs at the Lincoln Theatre in what promises to be a lively and inspiring show for the whole family. 

The Wenatchee School District’s Mariachi program has been nationally recognized as being the fastest growing Mariachi music program outside of Mexico, currently integrating over 300 participating students ages 9-18. The program first became popular among Hispanic and Latino students, but every year the program sees increased participation by non-Latino students as well.

Mariachi Huenachi is the advanced Mariachi music class at Wenatchee High School and has earned a reputation as the best high school Mariachi group in the state of Washington. The group, under the direction of Ramon Rivera, has performed extensively across the Northwest and has opened for Mariachi Vargas – known as the best Mariachi band in the world.

Bailadores de Bronce

In 1972, a group of students at the University of Washington, led by Josefina Jaramillo Alvarez, united in a common goal to demonstrate their pride in their Mexican heritage through music and dance.  They questioned the lack of a Mexican dance group at the UW.  In many ways it was a product of the Civil Rights and Chicano movements. 

The group's first official director was Elma Gonzalez Radke.  Under her direction the small but dedicated group hosted the 1977 National Conference for ANGF, the Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos.  In 1975 Cecilia Ortiz Boyer and her brother Alberto Ortiz joined the group, and the legacy that is Bailadores de Bronce found its heart and soul.  Cecilia would dance in the group for 25 years.  During her 18 years as director, she would inspire generations of dancers to take to the stage and share their cultural pride.  The group was chosen as the representative of the Washington State Hispanic community in the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver, B.C.

Since 2012 Bronce has been led by Adrian Olivas as its Executive/Artistic Director.

All dancers, instructors and the Board of Directors volunteer their time, energy and efforts to ensure that Bailadores de Bronce continues to thrive.  We always remember that it is the dancers themselves, with their dedication and love of their culture and of each other as a family, who are the glue that keeps Bailadores de Bronce together.

The dedication of the dancers is seen during performances in their intricate footwork and refined choreography. The richness of  the culture can be seen in the beautiful costumes from the various regions of Mexico. The high energy and enthusiasm of the dancers transcends the stage and is felt by the audience at each performance.  Bailadores de Bronce portrays the positive aspects of the Mexican culture in the broader community, breaking down cultural barriers and building bridges within the community.

Mariachi Mount Vernon

The Mount Vernon High School Mariachi Band, under the direction of Omar Ordonez and Jacob Scherr, will be representing our community in the day's activities. In just three years this dedicated group of students has developed into a wonderful unit. Come out and support this great local program!