Mount Vernon, Washington

Technical Details

 View from booth

View from stage  

Lincoln Theatre House Technical Specs

FOH Console

Allen & Heath GL2400-32 Console

2X Q231 FX Dual 31 band Graphic EQ FLS

DBX Driverack PA EQ

Digitech Studio S200 FX

4 channels DBX 266xl Compressor/Gate

PD9L Power Distribution ETA

ART PS 4x4 Power Station

3X Audio Technica wireless receivers

Denon PCMA DCM-270 CD Player

Numark CDN-25 CD Player


FOH Speakers    

2X JBL MPRO MP415 Two-Way Speaker System w/Bass Reflex Enclosure

2X JBL MPRO 418S Sub powered by Crown 600w/ch 4ohms

MON Speakers w/up to 4 mixes

6X JBL Eon 10 G2


Stage Power

6 20-amp circuits w/surge protector


HME DX200 Wireless Intercom

w/5 stations


Mics and accessories

1X Audio Technica wireless mic

5X AKG D880 dynamic mic

2X AKG C3000B condenser mic    

4X Sure SM57 dynamic mic

1X Shure SM58 dynamic mic

1X Audix OM7 Dynamic mic

2X Audio-Technica AE 5100 condenser mic

1X Audio-Techinica PRO4L dynamic mic

1XShure PGADRUMKIT5 5-Piece Drum Microphone Kit

1X Audix D6 kick mic

1X Shure CVG18-B/C Gooseneck Condenser Microphone

2X Audio Technica wireless mini headset mic

3X Peavey ID1 DI box

1X Behringer Ultra-DI

16X 25' XLR

14X 50' XLR

14X Mic stands w/boom

4X Guitar Stands

6X Music Stands w/4 lights

Assorted Cables & Power Strips



1X Baldwin Acrosonic piano

1X Wurlitzer 2-manual, 7 rank D2 full unit orchestra model pipe organ



ETC Express 24/48 Lighting Console

32 Source Four fixtures

12 Leko fixtures

6 Colortran Fesnel fixtures

48 dimming channels