Mount Vernon, Washington

Sidewalk Sale & Clean Sweep

Friday, Jul 29, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday, Jul 30, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Sidewalk Sale in Downtown Mount Vernon takes place on Friday & Saturday, July 29th & 30th. Downtown businesses are “taking it to the streets” by bringing their wares out to the sidewalks for a special sale. We'll have great deals on film posters ($2 each) and VHS tapes (for collectors!). We'll also have T-shirts, mugs and memberships.
We’ll need a couple of volunteers per shift to help us. Two shifts per day; 10:00-1:00 and 1:00-4:00.

In the Art Bar - Twila Johnson-Tate

I currently work at Skagit Valley College as a coordinator for a grant funded program that provides guidance, financial support and education for lower income students. I am currently completing my AVA degree at Skagit Valley College so I have taken art classes at the college and at Western Washington University in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography and printmaking.
I have recently joined the Cascade Clay Artists and had my work as part of the Depot Show with a group in Anacortes the month for June.

A Message from the Board President - July 2011

As I sit at my computer gathering my thoughts to write this message, my memories are of the Guide and the many transformations it has taken in my time involved with the Lincoln.  It has gone from newsprint to paper, black and white to color.
It was the best benefit we as members received.  I looked for it in my mailbox.  It then remained on my kitchen counter, or pinned to my bulletin board or held with magnets to my refrigerator. 

A Message from the Executive Director - July 2011

If you are receiving this message you may have heard that the Lincoln plans to stop printing and mailing our guide to members after this issue.  We want to assure you this decision was not made without serious consideration. The printed guide has been a part of the Lincoln for many years, and enjoyed by the membership.  Eliminating the guide is one step we can take to save money, but it is devastating to all of us to lose it.   We are currently exploring ways to provide a monthly calendar electronically.

A Message From the Executive Director Thom Mayes - May 2011

What a busy time at the Lincoln! We are celebrating 85 years of entertaining Skagit County with a whole host of events, and so far the reception has been very positive. During the spring our stage has featured the likes of Coco Montoya, Taylor Hicks, and a variety of other live acts for the 85th anniversary celebration. What’s more, our anniversary campaign for the Lincoln sign, message center and more is moving along well.

Mount Vernon Mayoral Debate- Hosted by the MV Downtown Association, Co-presented by the Co-op and Lincoln Theatre

Tuesday, Jul 12, 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm
Open to the Public - Event takes place at the Skagit Station Meeting Room

Join the Downtown Mount Vernon Association as they present a conversation with Mayoral candidates Larry Otos, Scott McMullen, Jill Boudreau, and Dale Ragan.  The event will focus on ideas and issues related to the downtown core of the city. 
This conversation is co-presented by the Lincoln Theatre and the Skagit Valley Co-op.  The event takes place on July 12th at 6:15pm at the meeting room inside Skagit Station, at 105 E Kincaid near the Granary building.

The Coal Hard Truth Forum

Thursday, Jul 7, 7:00 pm

Twenty 1.5 mile long trains per day for decades right through Skagit County. Problems with diesel exhaust, coal dust, traffic, vessel risks, and a huge contribution to climate change—just some of the probable impacts from a proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point, a few miles past Bellingham. If built, SSA Marine's terminal will export up to 48 million tons of Peabody coal per year, all of it shipped by train through Mount Vernon, Burlington and Skagit farmland. 


In the Art Bar - John Sedgwick Photographer; Ginny Darvill Vida Nueva Women's Weaving Cooperative

June 2011

Distant Neighbors
Many Skagitonians have deep ties to other countries where their families originated or live, but here we are close neighbors. Mexico is not only the homeland to many of us but it is our geographical neighbor, in many ways both close and distant. For some of us to go there is a pleasant short vacation trip, for some it may be an ordeal born of necessity. For some of us Mexico is not home, but truly our distant neighborhood. We go there often to work, learn, enjoy and visit friends.
Photographer John Sedgwick:
I am often asked what I photograph.
Our inner and outer worlds abound with artistic opportunity. My inspiration is drawn from my mood, where I am and what nature's glorious light presents to me. My best images find me, they were there all along inviting me in to explore and create art from the dancing light before me.
I am drawn to detail often hidden in the larger scene.I love rich vibrant color, moody skies, sacred trees, lush flowers and the marvelous display of abstract pattern all around me. This may be the exquisite design of an intimate landscape, the sensuality of a supple rose or an edgy abstract etched in rusty steel.
Thank you for your support for the arts.
To see more of my art please visit my website;
Ginny Darvill:
Vida Nueva is a group of Zapotec women from Teotitlán del Valle, an indigenous Mexican community in Oaxaca with centuries of weaving history. This cooperative of widows, single mothers and unmarried women supports each other in daily struggles and shares artistic and practical ideas and techniques. By working together and selling directly to consumers, they are gaining respect and fair prices. Some of their proceeds help support women through workshops on domestic violence, traditional medicine, health care, and weaving techniques. Other projects include safe, environmentally sound stoves, toys for poor children, food for poor and ill women, reforestation and water conservation. They work to preserve traditional techniques, designs and natural dyes. Every step in the production of rugs, or tapetes, is done by hand with traditional methods. Each tapete is unique.
Ginny Darvill visits the cooperative and buys directly from the artists at their full price. She sells the rugs for the same price plus only the cost of shipping for the purpose of helping support the women and increasing their market. Besides her connection to the women of Vida Nueva, she also volunteers at CORAL, a program for hearing impaired children in Oaxaca City and will return to both places this fall. Because of the large, vibrant Mexican community in Skagit County and the ties many other county residents have to Mexico, she considers Oaxaca both a close and distant neighbor.