Mount Vernon, Washington

Easton's Books Loves the Lincoln!

Saturday, Dec 8 (All day) to Monday, Dec 10 (All day)

Easton’s Books Loves The Lincoln
December 8-10, 2012
10% of Sales Go To the Lincoln Theatre

Easton’s Books invites all members and friends of The Lincoln Theatre and, indeed, all of Skagit County and beyond, to join in supporting the Lincoln Theatre. Located directly across from The Lincoln in the heart of historic downtown Mount Vernon, Easton’s Books boasts 75,000 used book titles that cover the range from collectible to contemporary, leather bound to paperback, comedy to drama, history to science fiction and more.
By way of example, there are 5 bookcases, each reaching from floor to ceiling, chock full of books on philosophy, 7 on nautical subjects, 5 on hunting and fishing, 4 on the Pacific Northwest and 8 on Americana. There are hundreds of books on a wide variety of technical subjects and plenty of reference books. If it was ever in print, the chances are that you will find it at Easton’s.
Dave and Dianna Cornelius love books and are always glad to help you find the author or title you just can’t seem to remember. As all the books are previously owned, if not previously read, each is not only an environmentally sound purchase, but a real bargain, to boot. The printed word makes a great Christmas gift and this certainly is the time of year to cuddle up with a good book, so make sure to include Easton’s Books in your plans during this holiday season. We think the perfect time to shop is December 8-10, for Easton’s will donate 10% of all gross sales during that time to The Lincoln Theatre.
Easton’s Books is a family owned brick-and-mortar business employing local people, buying locally sourced goods and services, paying local taxes, and generally supporting the local community. Easton’s Books recognizes the importance of the Lincoln Theatre and is pleased to express its support in tangible terms.
The Lincoln Theatre has the bold mission of entertaining, informing and inspiring the diverse Skagit County community through cinema, live performance and educational programs. The Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation is a non-profit organization with a very small, highly dedicated staff, a large body of invaluable volunteers and an intensely loyal membership of 1,000 or so mostly Skagitonians committed to preserving the historic Lincoln Theatre. Located in downtown Mount Vernon, the Lincoln Theatre is a cultural cornerstone serving all of Skagit County. We greatly appreciate the support of local businesses and encourage you to support them, in turn.

 And now a few words from Dave and Dianna Cornelius, owners of Easton’s Books:
We love books and we love sharing them with friends and neighbors. We also Love the Lincoln Theatre. We invite you to drop in and browse the stacks anytime, but especially December 8-10. Remember, “If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book.”

Easton’s Books
is located at 701 South 1st Street in historic downtown Mount Vernon.
Hours of Operation:       
Monday: Saturday 10:30 -5:30
Sunday: 12:00 -5:00
For more information call (360) 336-2066

We trust that you appreciate the importance of The Lincoln Theatre to Mount Vernon and all of Skagit County. The Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation, which is solely responsible for the operation of The Lincoln Theatre, is a non-profit organization relying heavily on memberships and the generous sponsorship of local businesses and individuals, both in cash and in kind, as well as ticket sales to fund daily operations. Local Merchants Love the Lincoln spotlights local restaurants and other retail establishments that have graciously consented to support The Lincoln Theatre financially by contributing a percentage of gross revenues for a specific date. We encourage you to patronize these local businesses at every opportunity, not only on the date of the promotion, but throughout the year. Your participation costs you nothing, but clearly benefits specific local businesses and, thereby, the local economy, in general. Those local businesses then share that benefit directly with The Lincoln Theatre. If your business would like to participate in sponsorship of The Lincoln Theatre, or if you know of another community-minded, locally owned business, please contact us at your earliest convenience.