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Lincoln Theatre Foundation Staff

The day-to-day operations, development, and booking of the Lincoln Theatre are handled by full-time and part-time staff.

Executive Director

Roger Gietzen
360.419.7129, ext. 100

Roger Gietzen

Roger began his career at the Lincoln in 1999 as a volunteer and worked his way through most every theatre position before becoming the Lincoln’s Executive Director in 2014. He thanks the Lincoln’s previous ED’s for their dedication, encouragement and insight. As a lifelong patron of the arts, the Lincoln was one of the determining factors of his move from Seattle to the Skagit Valley in 1993.

Public Communications Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

Brandy Young
360.419.7129, ext. 101

Brandy started at the Lincoln Theatre in 2003. She loves the Lincoln because even though she’s not a performer, she loves the Arts. Being involved in this community theatre has allowed her to experience many fantastic performances as well as meet many amazing people in the Skagit community.  

Finance Manager

Peggy Erickson
360.419.7129, ext. 102

Peggy Erickson

Peggy has been with the Lincoln since 2006. She has seen the Lincoln go through many changes in that time, from the struggles to the successes. She believes that the struggles have only made our organization stronger and made everyone able to appreciate the success that is The Lincoln Theatre. Peggy loves the Lincoln because of the many opportunities it affords our very diverse community.

Development Director

Damond Morris, PhD
360.419.7129, ext. 103

Damond Morris

Damond Morris serves as the Development Director for the Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation in Mount Vernon, WA. He is the founder and former Artistic Director of Shakespeare Northwest from 2000-2008. He served as a tenured faculty member and Chair, prior to the elimination of the Drama Department at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon.

Damond obtained his PhD from the University of Oregon in 2013, with studies in directing, acting, environmental sustainability, eco-criticism, post-colonial theatre and theatre history. His dissertation “Presenting Oregon: Formative Forces of the Oregon Unit of the Federal Theatre Project” explores the formative forces of the Oregon Unit of the Federal Theatre Project, under the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression, including the Little Theatre Movement, West Coast vaudeville and the Oregon State mythos.

He holds a Master's degree from Western Washington University and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership (Oregon Leadership in Sustainability) through the Planning Public Policy & Management Department at the University of Oregon. Damond’s Master’s thesis, "Towards a Recycled Theatre: Industrial Ecology Applications in the Theatre Industry," is an analysis of real world answers to the problem of waste in the theatre industry. Following this passion, his development efforts to preserve the Lincoln Theatre, center on lowering the buildings carbon footprint and preserving the structure for the next 100 years!

Production and Facilities Manager

Mike M. Marlin Jr.
360.419.7129, ext. 104

Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin loves the Lincoln because (like Dr. Who) it is his inter-galactic spaceship from where he travels through space and time. In 1999, Mike volunteered at the Lincoln as a designer, actor and technical director for local theatre non-profits. Mike became the Lincoln’s stage manager and restoration specialist and worked as staff for three years.

He received a master’s degree in theater at Western Washington University then worked in the entertainment industry in New York. In 2015, Mike returned to Mount Vernon, and the Lincoln welcomed him back as Production and Facilities Manager to get the spaceship Lincoln tuned up for its next hundred years voyage through the cosmos.

Operations Manager

Karl Freske
360.419.7129, ext. 105

Karl Freske

Ever since his college years at Western Washington University -- working as a graphic designer, playing drums in a band, DJ’ing a radio show on KUGS, self-publishing a zine, and booking punk shows at what the local police would describe as an "illegal nightclub" -- Karl has been involved in the arts, entertainment, and design.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design at Western, he went on to co-found, co-own, and co-operate Bellingham’s beloved independent movie rental store, Film Is Truth 24 Times a Second, where he presided for more than twenty years over a collection that grew to over 20,000 titles. During that time, he mentored young employees as well as new artists and musicians in Northwest Washington, encouraging them in their endeavors and forming some lasting bonds.

Now, at the Lincoln, he continues to use his managerial and design skills to help keep the theatre running; to establish a polished, appealing, and consistent design aesthetic in its advertising and signage; to develop event programming; and to facilitate the work of his colleagues. In the time that he’s been part of the Lincoln’s staff, the Lincoln has become very important to him, and he feels honored to be able to serve the Skagit community and to continue to support the arts world in his work.


House Managers
Clare Tatarsky
Cynthia Adams

David Austin

Level 2 Tech
Gabriel Cherney
Hunter Brown

Wurlitzer Organists
Fred Beeks
Ruth Ann Burley
Glen DesJardins
Katie Moyer
Harvey Rossiter