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Tuesday, Jul 16, 7:00 pm

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Join us at the Lincoln Theatre for our film series Anything Goes! Sinful Cinema of the Pre-Code Era.

Before the enactment of the Hays Code in 1934, filmmakers got away with content that they wouldn't be able to return to for several decades. Sex, violence, and a general flouting of social norms abound in these films -- sometimes they seem quaint now, and other times shocking. Come see four of the movies that brought down the hammer on Hollywood and caused the code to become the law of the land!


July 16: Baby Face

Barbara Stanwyck is at her best -- simultaneously charming and ruthless -- in this film about the sexual escapades of Lily Powers, the beautiful daughter of a speakeasy owner. Lily's dreary life in Pennsylvania takes a sudden turn, and she skips town along with her friend Chico (Theresa Harris), hopping a freight train to New York City. After wooing her way into an entry-level position in a corporation, Lily uses her beauty and sexual prowess to seduce a string of successful men as she -- floor by floor -- works her way to the top!

After a limited release, the film was pulled from distribution and heavily censored, removing several suggestive scenes. The original, uncut version was considered lost until 2004, when the footage was re-discovered; the restored, uncensored version is what we'll be showing at the Lincoln.


"If you've never seen Stanwyck in a pre-code film, you've never really seen Stanwyck." —Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle


Directed by Alfred E. Green

Starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent (and keep your eye out for a young John Wayne)

United States | English | 1933 | Romance, Drama | 71 minutes | Passed


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