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Sunday, Jul 21, 5:30 pm

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This adaptation of the non-fiction novel by Tom Wolfe chronicles the first 15 years of America's space program, from the breaking of the sound barrier to selection of the Mercury 7 astronauts -- from a group of test pilots with a more seat-of-the-pants approach than the program's more cautious engineers preferred.

By focusing on the lives of the Mercury astronauts, including John Glenn (Ed Harris) and Alan Shepard (Scott Glenn), the film recounts the dangers and frustrations experienced by those involved with NASA's earliest achievements. It also depicts their family lives and the personal crises they endured during an era of great political turmoil and technological innovation.


"Rarely has a film made a historic accomplishment seem so vivid and personal... It makes you wonder, quite suddenly, why there aren't more movies like this." —Arthur Knight, The Hollywood Reporter


This screening is dedicated to the memory of astronaut William Anders, Apollo 8 crew member and founder of the Heritage Flight Museum in Burlington. Thanks to the groundwork shown in The Right Stuff, Lunar Module Pilot Major William Anders -- with Commander Colonel Frank Borman and Command Module Pilot Captain James A Lovell Jr. -- became the first people to leave Earth's orbit and travel around the Moon.


Directed by Phillip Kaufman

Starring Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Dennis Quaid, Fred Ward, Barbara Hershey

United States | English | 1983 | Drama, Biography | 193 minutes | PG


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