Mount Vernon, Washington

January 2011 - Project: 85

The Lincoln’s 85th Anniversary Project- Celebrating the history, and ‘Lighting up the Lincoln’ for years to come!
Project:85 is…
born out of the desire to bring back the Lincoln Theatre’s historic lighted blade sign, which occupied the front façade during the first decades of the Lincoln’s existence.  After being removed over 20 years ago, the original sign was scrapped, leaving only pictures and memories to recreate it.  In spite of the challenges, this part of the project has already captured the interest of community businesses and donors, many of whom have made initial pledges to the campaign.
The Plan:
Project:85 is a celebration of the Lincoln Theatre’s 85th Anniversary.  It consists of three phases.  The first is the commission and installation of a lighted blade sign on the theatre façade.  The second phase of Project:85 is the addition of two electronic message centers to be installed just below the sign.  These message centers will support the theatre’s marketing efforts, and encourage foot traffic in the downtown area.  The final phase will support the financial health and stability of the nonprofit foundation operating the Lincoln Theatre.
Timeline of Events:
Phase one of the project is slated to be complete in time for the Theatre’s 85th Anniversary celebration this April.  The sign will be installed and the lighting ceremony will take place at the Theatre’s annual gala event.  Phase two, the electronic message centers, will likely be purchased by the close of that year.  Phase three will be completed as soon as the last dollar is raised.