Mount Vernon, Washington

A Message from the Board President - July 2011

As I sit at my computer gathering my thoughts to write this message, my memories are of the Guide and the many transformations it has taken in my time involved with the Lincoln.  It has gone from newsprint to paper, black and white to color.
It was the best benefit we as members received.  I looked for it in my mailbox.  It then remained on my kitchen counter, or pinned to my bulletin board or held with magnets to my refrigerator. 
I do have a confession to make.  Last month’s Guide is sitting unopened beside me.  Our world is moving towards paperless communications. With the use of smart phones, note books, iPads and computers, many of us check our e-mails at work or frequently on smart phones, we read the Lincoln e-mails on the internet and go to the website many times during the day before ever getting home to open our regular mail.
In this time of going green and needing to be frugal, we are saying a fond goodbye to our Guide.  I want to thank you, our members, for staying with us and continuing to support our historic Lincoln Theatre.