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In the Art Bar: Dee Doyle

Visit our Art Bar for refreshments and local art!

Dee Doyle is our featured artist for March.

Dee Doyle interprets her work using “abstract” as a verb, not a noun.  She doesn’t want to label herself as an abstract or impressionistic painter, but somewhere in between, always exploring and growing as an artist.  She views her environment as intimate, yet expansive, making for looser, more intuitive pieces. Dee paints to interpret space while expressing her feelings about it.  

Often, in Dee’s work, one sees more organic shapes and curves, fewer angles and hard lines...creating pieces that the viewer recognizes as personal to him or her.

Dee takes loads of photos, yet she is not a slave to references. Much of her representational work is becoming more intuitive and imagined.  In her studio, Dee paints with big brushes and expressive mark-making, painting multiple layers on the two-dimensional picture plane to increase depth. She paints primarily in acrylics. Color, composition, limited palettes, and expressive brushstrokes on cradled wooden panels are used to push the envelope in Dee’s work.  Although Dee finds that there are no mistakes in Nature’s palettes, she brings in bolder colors and marks, not found in the natural environment, hoping to show the energy she seeks to share with the viewer.  “What if” has become the overlay for Dee’s art-making … always exploring the world up close as well as the distant view, and translating it through her own unique way of seeing it.