Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar: Dee Doyle

In the Lincoln Theatre’s Art Bar, Dee shares a semi-abstracts and encaustics.  Dee straddles the lines between semi-abstract impressionism and semi-representational work in mixed media, acrylics, and encaustics with a focus in the show on color as the unifying theme of her show. For Dee, it’s important to create an illusion, a feeling, of joy and light in line, form, value, and color. 

Dee says, “I am happiest when I am creating and sharing through teaching and making art. My personal artistic journey is a series of ‘what ifs’.  I choose to push the boundaries in my work and try new ways to work the paint, whether it’s acrylics, mixed media, watercolors, or encaustics.  I enjoy letting viewers interpret my work through their own filters and visions.  Whatever I am painting at any time is my favorite thing to paint, and it all makes me smile.”