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Monday, Dec 11, 6:30 pm

TransmediaVision Presents: The Climate Restorers

If you see only one film this year (yes, we know it’s December), make it the locally produced film The Climate Restorers.

The Climate Restorers isn’t another film about climate disaster. It’s an unflinching, but optimistic, film about a very different future -- if we choose to create it -- of urgent solutions for the climate.

We traveled the world to meet top scientists, technologists, innovators, leaders and activists in the new field of climate restoration -- the removal of methane and CO2 from the atmosphere, along with ecosystem restoration -- and we bring their groundbreaking potential solutions to lay audiences.

The Climate Restorers is the first of four films from TransmediaVision focusing on one of the biggest unspoken threats of our time: the powerful greenhouse gas methane. What if the world doesn’t have to be this way -- what if we can change it? This affects every one of us. For more info, click here.


Admission is free and open to everyone; donations are accepted at the door.