Mount Vernon, Washington


Happy New Year!  As we enter 2010, you will notice some changes to the format of our Lincoln guide.  Most notably, we have moved to a two-month printed schedule of events, and will begin booking our films on a week-to-week basis, as other theatres do.  While I acknowledge this is quite a change from the past, I want to tell you how this benefits the organization and you, the patron:
• Less paper, less printing:  Using a two-month guide, the Lincoln can still offer informative write-ups about events and broadcasts, while saving needed resources on the cost of printing and mailing.  Each month, the guide costs about $1,600 to create, and changing the format will save about $8,000 per year, as well as making our operation ‘greener.’ 
• Better films faster:  Booking films by the month gives little flexibility for us to pick up popular titles when they are in the public eye.  Going forward, we will be able to find the best film for our audience each week, meaning popular titles could be here weeks before they would in the past.   Furthermore, we now have the option of keeping hit films (like Food, Inc.) for more than one week, so you can return and bring your friends to that must-see film.
• Scheduling Remains the Same:  Our fall schedule for films (Every Friday through Tuesday at 7:30pm, except Sundays at 5:30pm) will still remain, with films shown each day that does not have another event scheduled.  This continuity will ensure you know when to come, and our website and recorded phone will let you know what is to come.
As with any change at the Lincoln, the feedback of the people in our community is always welcomed.  I assure you that films will remain an important part of what we present- this change is meant to make our offerings even better to our audience.  Make sure to check out the variety of events we have this winter season, and have a safe, prosperous and creative 2010.