Mount Vernon, Washington

90th Anniversary Film Series

As part of the Lincoln Theatre's 90th Anniversary we are screening a series of "Best of the Decade" films, selected by our patrons, 
In the month's leading up to our 90th Anniversary Celebration (April 23rd, 2016) we asked our patrons via in-house and social media polling their favorite films of the decades following our opening in 1926. The selected films will be screened, one per month, at their original ticket prices through the end of this year.
The winners are:
April 23rd: Steamboat Bill Jr.with live Wurlitzer accompaniment -  Released on May 20th, 1928. Admission: 35 cents
May 7th: The Wizard of Oz - Released on August 25th, 1939. Admission: 50 cents
June 4th: Gone with the Wind - Released on January 17th, 1940. Admission: $1.00

July 9th: Singin' in the Rain - Released on January 1st, 1952 Admission: $1.50
August 20th: Breakfast at Tiffany's - Released on October 5th, 1961. Admission: $2.00
September 3rd: Jaws - Released on June 20th, 1975 Admission: $3.00
October 15th: Raiders of the Lost Ark (second place to the unavailable Star Wars) - June 1st, 1981. Admission: $4.00
November 5th: Titanic - Released on December 19th, 1997. Admission: $5.00
December 17th: Love Actually (second to 20 Years a Slave, but we really wanted a holiday film) - Released on November 6th, 2003. Admission: $6.00