Mount Vernon, Washington

All in a week's work

October 25th - November 1st.
No days off this week. Beginning with the wonderful Starry Night Chamber Orchestra concert on Sunday, continuing with the film Adam on Tuesday, the New York Times Live via satellite interview with John Irving on Wednesday, the author reading and book-signing with David Neiwert on Thursday, Cold Souls Friday, then the triple threat of events on Halloween (see link below); a free costume contest for the Mount Vernon Trick-or-Treaters (we ran out of candy at 2500 pieces), closing down first street for the Michael Jackson Thriller dance, and the always glorious Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whew! We could barely drag ourselves in on Sunday to clean up the rice and toast left from the night before but were rewarded afterwards with the The Met's Aida Broadcast.
Special thanks to Sharyn Peterson for her continuous hard work, Bruce Vilders for booking Mr. Neiwert who had a lot to say about the state of extreme shock journalism in America, Mike and Maura Marlin for their tireless support of the Lincoln and their hilarious emcee work during the costume contest, and for Rocky Horror evening; the Black and Blues Band "thrilling" performance, NWME's Jerry and Adam's flawless sound engineering, dear Betty Desire's virgin sacrifice and Katie Moyer's wonderful opening on the Mighty Wurlitzer. How could we do this all without you?
That's all for now, got to get ready for next week.