Mount Vernon, Washington

META Audition Prep Workshop

Monday, Aug 5, 6:00 pm

This workshop is for any youth who wish to prepare for auditions for "Matilda" or any other show. This presentation will benefit both beginning actors and experienced performers as well. Here's the program:

  1. Auditions in General: Question and Answer
  2. Preparing and presenting a song
  3. Preparing and presenting a monologue
  4. Dancing/movement at an audition
  5. Demonstration
  6. Closing Q & A

Open Audition Call
6:00-9:00PM, Tuesday, August 6th
6:00-9:00PM, Wednesday, August 7th
6:00-9:00PM, Thursday, August 8th
@ Crossroad Covenant Church, 351 Pease Road Burlington, WA