Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar - Andy Friedlander

As a visual artist I tend to work in several different styles which can be seen on my website,  My focus, however, has narrowed a bit to abstract painting and linoleum block prints.  While the two disciplines are very different from each other I have been incorporating the detail and precision of block printing into my abstract work, creating a new style that I find exciting.  Being relatively new, the process of the work is still evolving.  It has seemed most natural to create an abstract layer on to which I place the details but reversing the process has shown some promise as well.  In the last few years my work has been well received and I have been selected for juried shows by Skagit Artists, The Jansen Art Center, The Shack Art Center and, most recently, The Tennessee Valley Museum of Art for an exhibition called ‘Emergence’, opening June 1.