Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar - Photographer Carl Jaegel

September - October 2010

I am a contractor semi-retired, husband of over 40 years father of two and grandfather of four. I am fan of motor sports and cars in general.   I have always been facinated with pictures, in movies and magazines. I have always tried to see the photographer behind the image.

I’ve always had a camera but with the proverbial “I had a family to raise” never took it to a higher level. Now I have the time to make whatever I can of photography. I shoot to amuse myself if I can amuse or amaze you then I can call myself a photographer.
Current Project
Currently I am documenting farms in the Skagit Valley more specifically the barns and their demise. I am photographing them mostly at night using a combination of light painting and long exposures. I find this method and the use of a super wide angle lens creates a since of drama to these old barns and buildings. A story seems to be unfolding of the decline, decay, neglect and also the restoration and new found use of these quickly disappearing barns. I have always had a love for old barns, I have built, rebuilt, restored and even dismantled them. The love of these barns continues in these photographs, where it will lead I don’t know, maybe on your wall or coffee table.
During the summer months I photograph Car Show around the area and post them to my website as well as   I encourage you to go to my site and enjoy these and many other images from around the Northwest.