Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar: Sukey Jacobsen

January 2013
My art's primary focus is on the natural beauty, abstract patterns and inherent rhythms of the landscape.  I choose to work in various water media either singly or in various combinations.  The Pacific Northwest Landscape is an endless inspiration for me.  I enamored with the deep forests and magnificent alpine slopes as well as swampy wetlands and coastal marshes. My art continues to move towards an increased focus on design and color to relay my personal interaction with the beauty of this earth and my desire to honor and protect it. 

Reflections in water and trees are frequent themes in my work.  Metaphorically, I choose to paint reflections in water to remind us to also take the time to stand back and truly ponder all of our actions so that we may become optimal stewards of both our environment and our humanity.   I choose to celebrate trees as they are vital to a healthy planet and their forms and biology fascinate me. I stay involved and contribute to efforts to save the forests in the  Pacific Northwest.