Mount Vernon, Washington

In the Art Bar: Janel Bragg

Janel Bragg, September 2012
While studying art in college I found that abstraction comes naturally to me when painting and drawing. I like to take away and not add. Experimenting with different mediums, especially oils, pastels, charcoal and india ink, allows one medium to relieve the other, preventing boredom and allowing me to express myself in different ways.

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, Sep 27, 6:00 pm

All Lincoln Theatre Members and Volunteers in good standing are invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting presented by the Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation at 6:00pm this evening. At this meeting you will find out about the state of the organization, including a financial review; meet the current board members and elect new candidates; and be the first to officially hear of our plans for programming and capital improvements for 2013.

North Sound Brewing 'Loves the Lincoln'

Friday, Aug 17 (All day)
Saturday, Aug 18 (All day)

North Sound Brewing Loves the Lincoln!
North Sound Brewing Co. invites all members and friends of The Lincoln and, indeed, all of Skagit County and beyond, to join in supporting the Lincoln Theatre. North Sound Brewing offers a great selection of suds, all brewed right on the premises and available for consumption in the tasting room or outdoors on the patio. You are bound to find one that suits your taste perfectly. Beers currently on tap include:
Anacortes Helles
Big Bend Blonde
Bitter Rain ESB

In the Art Bar: Damian Vines

Meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, August 4th from 6:00 - 7:30pm.
Damian Vines grew up in the Pacific Northwest and came to love the natural surroundings of this beautiful region. His passion for photography, although fairly recent, has always been inside him. Damian’s artistic expression came forth in many different ways throughout the years, sometimes in music, sometimes in drawing and sometimes though computer graphics. Damian strives to create images that capture the awe of a scene that is often seen with the naked eye but difficult to capture in a photograph.